Brampton Millionaire Donates to Build the Community Gate

Just a few years ago Brampton Millionaire Thurston Gilmore had never even stepped foot in the area. However, one quick vacation to Gold Island changed his world.

Upon arriving at the Gold Island Cottages, he immediately felt the stress of his everyday life fading away. He realized that a headache and neck pain that he had become so accustomed to was already disappearing and understood that this visit was going to change everything.

Gilmore had travelled widely throughout his career, and he had been to some of the most luxurious locations, staying in the world’s more expensive hotels. However, he had never felt so at home anywhere he had visited. He felt an immediate affinity to the area, and to the people that lived there.

After the best sleep in his life, he quickly extended his short vacation to an extended stay, which resulted in him purchasing a cottage for himself. He planned ahead as to when he could make his next visit and found himself carving out more and more time to spend in his Gold Island Cottage.

As he grew into the community and got to know the locals he learned about the desire to build the community a new beautiful gate. With the change he felt in himself, and how at home he had been made to feel the next step was easy.

“It did felt like…the right thing to do,” Gilmore told us, “This community has been wonderful to me and knowing that I could help make the dream of a community gate a reality… well, it was just a no-brainer. I felt like I was a part of this place from the moment my foot first stepped into town and being able to make this donation naturally binds me closer to it.”

Gilmore indicated that while he frequently donates to a number of charities, this is the first opportunity he has had to donate to a community for the betterment of everyone in the area.

With multiples, successful businesses, with the latest partnership with his local friends at Auto Glass Repair Brampton, Gilmore has the funds to give back and more than happy to do so

The community has spent many years fundraising, hoping to have raised the funds for the gate as early as 2020. Luckily, Thurston Gilmore’s incredibly generous donation has put them well over their expectations, allowing for building to begin immediately.

Mayor Steve Young held a community meeting to announce the donation and to discuss the dates for a building. Despite Gilmore insisting he wanted no great thanks, Young ignored his protests to present him with a “key to the city”. The similar awards to his native hometown honor 

“It just solidified my decision to donate to this community that I have become a part of,” Gilmore said after the community meeting. “Everything about this place speaks to my soul.”